Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Day Off...Kinda

I am planning a day off from my diet. One 24 hour period where I don't worry about my calories. It's been a month. I think it's time.

We are having another party at work tonight and I just bought the ingredients for a friend to make her buffalo chicken cheese dip, which I literally have cravings for. I am also going out for Chinese with my best friend and my family tomorrow. 

I've made myself a commitment though, no fried foods, and instead of my usual two paper bowlfuls of buffalo chicken cheese dip, I'll just have a half. I can totally do that. I also won't go so far over my calories I set myself back. My favorites at the Chinese place is sushi, seafood stuffed mushrooms, and steamed dumplings anyway.

From 10pm tonight, til 10pm tomorrow, I won't go all out, but I will go, and I will be back to the grindstone by Saturday.

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