Sunday, March 20, 2011

Busy Week!

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. I haven't forgotten about it or abandoned it, I've just been working SO hard. Between both jobs, I worked about 12 hours Thursday, 16 on Friday, and 19 between yesterday and this morning. Thank God for work! In this economy, some people can't find it at all. I am blessed to have it.

What hasn't been work, however, is my diet. I spent 16 hours at FHP last night and was worried about my shakes. I drank one on the way and took one in a to-go cup.I took two turkey bacon sandwiches on wheat with the fixins and I was fine.One of my coworkers showed up with a big pan of different Italian food, which is one of my favorites, but let's face it, I have a lot of favorites. I did eat some of that, but I still stayed within my calorie allotment for the day. Big thanks to Noah & Paul for sending it in:). It was awesome!

Tomorrow is my weigh in. I know I've lost. Even if it isn't the 8lbs like in each of the previous weeks, I will be that much closer to my goal. I'm already getting compliments from my coworkers and starting to feel myself being smaller. Thankfully, I feel it in my core. Its so nice to have a waist again. I can't wait to take my measurements at the beginning of April and see what progress I've made.

I REALLY can't wait to see what progress my husband, Adam, has made either. He's been doing the Visalus for 3 weeks too, and I'm starting to see his core shrinking and his muscle definition return. He's more energetic too. 

By this time next year, I'm headed to the beach. I haven't felt comfortable enough in my skin to wear a bathing suit since I was a child. I've always been self-conscious. Next year I'll be able to wear one and be proud. I've never been able to do that before. I'm so excited. I know I can do it. Out of all the diets I've done that have been harmful, I finally found one that isn't and it's the easiest one I've ever done. I've always heard "no pain, no gain". Thank God that doesn't have to be the case.

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  1. Wow, this was so well-written. I continue to be inspired by your dedication. I definitely need some of that:) Can't wait to hear about the weigh-in tomorrow.