Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ViSalus & Google Are Gonna Help Me Get Skinny

Ugh, I got hungry at work last night. For those of you who have never worked midnight shift, it's terrible on me. You end up doing whatever it takes to stay awake, including eat.
My saviors last night were my coworkers. There are several of us that are starting with ViSalus. Two of us have, the others were ordering today.
I survived last night. I don't want to be tempted again, so I googled "low-calorie snacks".

Here's a great link:

Hope it helps anyone else. Along with my dinner tonight I'm taking a bagel for later, so I'm not tempted. 4 bottles of water and crystal lite packets will also be coming along. I think it's funny that I have to eat so much more and more often to lose weight than I did when I wasn't trying.

Hungry is bad, though. Hungry is your metabolism not kicking in. I won't let that happen again. There's a lot of fast-food junkies at work, too. I shouldn't invite temptation.

When I told one of my coworkers my goal weight last night, she told me that's what she weighs now, and she's gorgeous. She's 5" shorter than me, and trying to lose 30 or so pounds, but I would give anything to be that weight. With ViSalus, I feel like I can. All of the other diets I've tried have been hard to do for a couple weeks. I can stick with this one as long as it takes. For that, I'm grateful.


  1. My friend had this visalus too...And she loosed 20 pounds after taking this meal replacement in just a few weeks... At her first 2-3 days, is not that easy for her but because of her self discipline, she loosed weight and still counting!!!
    weight loss with visalus

  2. I have TERRIBLE self discipline. Visalus makes it easy for me.