Thursday, March 3, 2011

And So We Begin

Many of you that know me know that in the six or seven years, my weight has increased and my my health has declined. Many of you also know that diabetes and weight related issues run in my family. I had a wonderful father that left us too soon due to diabetes related illness.

I'm at a turning point. I'm 32 and in far worse shape than he was at my age. The first 15 or so seconds after I get up, I walk hunched over like an old lady. I look terrible, I feel terrible, and I'm constantly tired and in pain. 
It's time to do something.

I have three beautiful children and an awesome stepson that I would do ANYTHING for (and that are picking up my terrible habits). I have a wonderful husband, to whom, no matter what I look like, I am always beautiful. I have a great career that I love. It doesn't always cover all the bills, but I also have a successful side-business cleaning houses that covers where my salary falls short.

I have a lot to live for. I am a blessed person. God has put me in the right place at the right time every time, but my weight and the issues it causes are blocking me from being happy, joyous, and free, which is where this story begins.

Enter, Stephanie.

I'd placed a desperate housecleaning add a few months ago, which was answered by a lady that is a successful attorney, entrepeneur, and mother of two teenage girls. There was a lot of competition on craigslist and little work. I'd done a lot of praying for more customers like her. She wanted me to come every week and worked with my schedule. Like me, she was a very busy person, but  also very understanding. She was also very nice and didn't treat me like the "hired help", even though that's what I was. I've learned through the past six or eight months that she's probably one of the most polite and down-to-earth people I've ever met and I enjoy working for her.

 Stephanie has introduced my to a program called Visalus. I need a change. I have tried many diets and failed. God put Stephanie in my path, and she's introduced me to a means to reclaim it.

I have been doing the program since this past Monday. The first day, I started shedding excess water weight and lost six pounds. I drink a shake for breakfast, I'm supposed to eat a snack, a shake for lunch, a snack, and then dinner. I never really get to the snacks much. I just don't have time. It's something I'm gonna have to learn to keep my metabolism up.

I've also joined a site called, where I was asked how much I needed to lose and how much time I wanted to give myself. I had 136lbs to lose as of Monday. I have given myself a year. It helps me track my nutrition intake so I can figure out how many calories I need to eat a day. It has me at 1250 right now and I've been struggling to meet it. The Visalus is really working.

I know I tend to ramble, but I need to blog this. This provides me with motivation and accountability. With as much as I have to be motivated for, I still need something to answer to.

I hope if you have the same problem as me, it helps you as much as it does that you read this. I REALLY hope that the next time you see me, you notice a difference.



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  1. Sarah, I am humbled by your description. You really are a great person. I did not know about your health issues. It is I who have been blessed by having you come into my life (and my house's life) :) Kerry reads me the notes you leave her about when her room is cleaner than normal. She too is inspired and tries to keeep her room even clearner. You are going to be "phat" in no time, I just know it.