Monday, March 21, 2011

A Day

So I've really had a day. I weighed this morning and lost another 8lbs, which makes a total of 24. 24lbs in 3 weeks is really awesome and I'm grateful. I took a friend to have a medical procedure this morning and she took me out to lunch. For the first time, I splurged and went over my calories for the day, but it was Chinese and I stuck to sushi and steamed dumplings and didn't eat anything fried, so I'm proud of myself still. I think I'm gonna eat normally tonight and put my nose back to the grindstone in the morning.

I've had a very stressful afternoon:(. I got back from taking my friend to the doctor and came and got Adam and the kids. I took them over to her house so they could swim in her pool while I planted. She lives a block away and we're doing a cooperative veggie garden and today I planted Watermelons. I jumped in the pool before working so I could be cool while I tilled up the ground. I didn't realize until I got out and felt my pocket buzzing that I'd left my blackberry in my shorts when I'd jumped in, so my phone is shot. I'll have to use email, facebook, and Adams until I get paid. Ugh. I'm totally ready to cry.

Tomorrow will be better, though. After all, tomorrow is another day!

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