Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lazy Day

I guess everyone needs a lazy day every once in a while. I go back to FHP after my two days off tonight, so it's warranted. Midnight shift is very hard on your body and it's good to rest once in a while. I have a sick little one, too. My two-year-old is catching a change of weather cold.

So all I've managed to do today is watch a lot of Blue's Clue's on netflix and start the rest of my plant seeds out on the porch. They're all in pots, now, soaking up the sun.

I drank a shake this morning, ate a snack, and will drink one more before work. It helps me to eat my meal at work, so I can avoid mindless snacking during the night to stay awake. They also typically send someone out for fast food. The ViSalus is not only helping me lose weight, but saving me a helluva lot on fast food.

Tonight for supper? A yummy salad with imitation crabmeat, grape nuts for crunch, cucumber, and lite ceasar dressing. The crab is a great source of protein, and it tastes good too. It really helps to be eating when they bring the fried and bad-for-you stuff in. I feel SO much better physically now that I'm not eating it, too.

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  1. Wow, you know I wouldn't have thought about using the crabmeat as protein. Good idea.