Friday, April 1, 2011

How Did My Day Off Go?

Well, as promised, I stayed away from the fried stuff and ate steamed dumplings and stuffed mushrooms and sushi, however, I did eat a bit too much. I must also say that I believe my friend Sherry puts crack in her buffalo chicken cheese dip, cause I ate too much of that too. I ate about half of what I normally do, but it was still too much.

I learned something about myself in the process though. After not having overeaten in a month and feeling really good, I learned that I feel terrible when I do, and I won't be doing that again for a while. that's the beauty of Visalus. When I do it, I feel full without this yucky, sleepy, I ate wayyyy too much feeling. I feel good when I do it. Right now, I feel kinda crappy AND I have to go to work tonight and work a double tomorrow. Hopefully I can recover by then.

I am not upset that I did it, however. We celebrated. Adam got a new job today and I am SO proud of him. He starts Monday. Please keep us in your prayers as we begin yet another positive life transition. We both look better, feel better, and good things are happening.

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  1. That's what Patrick and I found out too. He has a cheat day every once in awhile and feels awful when he does. Congrats to Adam too. Onward and upward to all.